Is Game Streaming the Future?

The dream of game-streaming as the primary way for gamers to consume their favorite IPs has been a long time coming. But is it a potential reality? Or merely a pipe dream? With the announcement of Stadia, Google has officially come forth as the first Tech behemoth to build a new platform focused on game-streaming from the ground up. There’s now enough info out in public for us to weight the pros and cons of such a potential platform. First thing’s first, though: is game-streaming something that a global playerbase would even desire? Although the ubiquity of internet access has […]

Game Theory Offers a Larger Lesson For All of YouTube

YouTube has become the next generation of media content and is rapidly overtaking traditional pop culture outlets. The younger generations are now more inclined towards Youtube than television or mainstream music. In 2015 the University of Southern California asked a cross-section of 13-18-year-olds to rank top internet celebrities against traditional celebrities based on their cultural influence. Youtuber KSI was ranked as the most influential star, followed closely by streamer PewDiePie. In fact, the top six spots were all held by internet celebrities. Proving YouTube is an important part of modern pop culture. The issue with YouTube is the lack of […]

Twitch: The Platform That Changed The Way We Play Games

With over 3.1 million unique broadcasts per month Twitch is changing the face of entertainment. We trace the rise of the streaming platform and look at how it influences the playing habits of the gaming community. This September will herald the fourth annual TwitchCon event. It’s the corporeal representation of a service that has evolved dramatically over eleven years, establishing itself as one of the most visited sites on the internet. Starting out as in March 2007, Twitch’s forefather was the first 24/7 streaming platform. Originally just one station following the life of Yale graduate Justin Kan, it soon […]