The MMO Didn’t Go Didn’t Die – It Merely Moved

During the 00’s global phenomenon of MMOs rising from a once cult-like following mega-hits like World of Warcraft, the MMO genre went through some incredibly accelerated growing pains. Wild speculation as to the future of the genre flew abound. Now, nearly two decades since the explosion, some are right to think it died. Many titles went live and died in that time, the time which so many look back to nostalgically as “The Golden Age” And yet it can be argued, somewhat ironically, that the “Golden Age” of the MMO genre is now, not then. For while we see far fewer […]

Player Retention Tactics – The Evolution of Hacking Humans

Times have changed – and the quantity of how much free time has changed as well. Has the player? Where we may have once had a near-infinite amount of time to devote to the pursuit of playing video games, many of us struggle to carve out the free time we desire for such activities. On the other hand, the game design decisions of yesteryear don’t look very intuitive in retrospect. It used to be that when you bought a game, the carrot on the end of the stick was your successful completion of the game. You’d hit the credits, pack […]