Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: The Best Series You’ve Never Played

Phoenix Wright the Ace Attorney made his long-awaited console debut earlier this year in an HD remastered compilation pack. The Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy consists of the initial three-game arch of the series. A series that became increasingly convoluted and in some instances, supernatural.   It’s meant more recent entries can be difficult for newcomers to jump into. The Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy, therefore, provides the perfect entry point to one of the best series’ you’ve never played. Phoenix Wright: The Journey So Far Like a lot of cult hits on the DS family of consoles (Detective Pikachu […]

Six Indie Developers Who Flew Too Close to The Sun

Indie games have become big business. Establishing a strong foothold in both the PC and console market. And it’s not surprising as leaps forward in technology have produced some truly innovative and acclaimed titles. Those titles don’t always ensure a long-term future for the studios behind them though regardless of commercial or critical success. With that in mind, here are six indie developers who flew too close to the sun and burned out. Telltale Games One of the more recent collapses with Telltale Games currently still operating with a skeleton staff. Liquidation of the studio began this week though with […]

Why Nintendo Should Purchase Telltale Games

Telltale Games remains on its last legs following massive layoffs and financial troubles, all but forcing the studio to fold. The remaining staff are expected to call it a day after the completion of Minecraft: Story Mode’s Netflix port. Recently launched Skybound Games have announced they intend to finish the final chapter of the Walking Dead Series. But fans are unlikely to see any further additions to popular series’ like Wolf Among Us and Batman. Despite positive critical reception and respectable sales figures, Telltale Games have so far been unable to find a new investor. There is one industry juggernaut […]