Is it Time For World of Warcraft II?

Here we sit, at the cusp of a new World of Warcraft expansion. With over a decade of adventures shared with friends across the world, it’s time to ask: is there a limit to how far Blizzard’s golden stallion can run? We’ve been through a lot to get here. We’ve faced down Arthas, the Burning Legion, Deathwing, Garrosh Hellscream, and even traversed to an alternate timeline before going back to Battle for Azeroth. Let there be no doubts about it – the fact that World of Warcraft has endured as long as it has is a testament to Blizzard’s commitment […]

What Do Gamers Make Of Sony’s Fortnite Cross-Platform Policy?

Boasting millions of concurrent players and even a Twitch stream with Drake, Fortnite is a game that has connected a huge and varied audience. Yet PS4 players are still missing out on the full experience. It’s been a big week for Fortnite, marking one year since its initial release by surpassing $1billion in revenue. First teased by Epic in 2011, the game now feels like an overnight success story seven years in the making. The ever-evolving title has become the new titan of the Battle Royale genre and a symbol of the possibilities of free-to-play and cross-platform gaming. It has […]

The Timeless Charm Of Isometric Games

In many ways the isometric viewpoint was a historical necessity — and yet today we remain enthralled by the style. The perspective boomed in the ’90s when proper 3D was expensive, limited, or just technically difficult to do. These obstacles meant isometric projection became a neat and efficient way of creating intricate video game worlds. So are isometric games made today simply relics feeding off our nostalgia, or is there something to this unique viewpoint? Isometric is the general term used to refer to a particular way objects are represented when drawn. Rather than drawing environments from a purely top-down […]

A New Realm Of Possibility: The Democratization of Game Development  

The realm of contemporary game development seems to bear no resemblance to its not-so-distant past. The newfound accessibility of development tools has truly placed the power in the hands of the users. Think back to the kind of video games that were coming out ten years ago; then five – chances are the ones that come to mind are those that were produced by some AAA development house – or in rarer terms, a small indie studio that got lucky in the market. Modernising Due to the nature in which the software world of the past decade was structured, it […]