A Plague Tale: Better in Theory Than Practice

A Plague Tale: Innocence provides an interesting new take on an underappreciated formula. The stealth genre has never enjoyed the same level of innovation as it’s more popular counterparts. So when a new title breaks the mould and offers something new, there’s a real chance to carve out a niche audience. Unfortunately, A Plague Tale: Innocence is a just competent gameplay experience that never really hits its’ mark. Despite an engaging and impressively written narrative.  Asobo Studio and Disney It was a curious choice for Asobo Studio to opt into such a macabre project. The French developer is best known […]

Eight PS1 Games We’d Like to Revisit on the PlayStation Classic

Sony has announced the festive season’s latest nostalgia necessity in the PlayStation Classic which is set to hit store shelves this December. The products will be similar to the NES Classic and the SNES Mini released by Nintendo in previous years. The compact new PlayStation Classic will come with an HDMI port and two controllers for local multiplayer. It will feature 20 classic PlayStation titles from Sony’s original console that launched in 1995 outside of Japan. Already announced are Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3 and Wild Arms. The other 15 titles set to be […]

Is It Possible To Make A Good Video Game Movie?

Video games and movies have long shared a strained relationship, despite being two of the largest staples of modern pop culture. Video game adaptations are often rushed and messy products, like the god-awful control systems that made the Iron Man and Superman Returns tie-ins practically unplayable. Movie adaptations don’t fare much better with a long list of flops like the ill-fated 2005 film version of Alone in the Dark which only grossed $5 million in the domestic box office. With each passing year though comes a new hope of a movie that can break the trend, with one of the […]

Taboo Topic: Let’s Talk About Sexuality In Video Games

Sex. Now that we’ve got your attention, let’s talk about something else. Because not talking about sex is exactly what’s been happening in gaming for years, so why change the habit of a lifetime? Let’s embarrassingly shove the topic under the carpet. We don’t need to discuss sex in video games ever again. Except, we kind of do need to talk about it. And not just in a “wink-wink, nudge-nudge” way, either. The gaming world suffers from a lack of conversation about such topics, often turning it into something for comedic effect. This inability to address sexuality and adult situations […]