Robert Yang on The Tearoom, Getting around Twitch Censorship with Guns, and LGBTQ Representation

There are many things that video games are known for -portraying historic injustices, adult relationships, and maturely exploring LGBTQ life are none of them. We talk to Robert Yang, whose games have dared to challenge the taboos that inhibit what should be society’s most open and innovative artistic medium. In 2007 video artist William E. James presented a reel of footage captured by Mansfield, Ohio police in 1962. Titled ‘Tearoom’, the film is a shocking historic document made by cops voyeuristically sitting behind a two-way mirror filming men cruising in a public bathroom. Their material was later used to prosecute those recorded […]

Twitch: The Platform That Changed The Way We Play Games

With over 3.1 million unique broadcasts per month Twitch is changing the face of entertainment. We trace the rise of the streaming platform and look at how it influences the playing habits of the gaming community. This September will herald the fourth annual TwitchCon event. It’s the corporeal representation of a service that has evolved dramatically over eleven years, establishing itself as one of the most visited sites on the internet. Starting out as in March 2007, Twitch’s forefather was the first 24/7 streaming platform. Originally just one station following the life of Yale graduate Justin Kan, it soon […]

TotalBiscuit: An Influence That Will Live On

Following John “TotalBiscuit” Bain’s passing, his influence on the gaming world will not be forgotten… John Bain, better known as TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit or TotalHalibut, passed away on May 24 after having battled cancer since 2014. As a YouTube-star with 2,2 million subscribers and a former eSports commentator for Starcraft 2 and Planetside 2, John was well known in the gaming world for his views about the industry, his support for indie titles and for his informative first-impression videos. A long battle Back in 2014, John announced through his Youtube-channel that he had cancer in his bowel. His audience […]