Can The Outer Worlds Take Over Fallout’s Post-Apocalyptic Mantle?

Fallout 76 was one of the biggest disappointments of the gaming world last year. The hotly anticipated multiplayer entry into the popular franchise was released in a broken state that turned away many players. The outdated engine, graphics and the absence of a narrative have put the series’ future in jeopardy. And the news gets worse for Bethesda. As two of the original Fallout developers have now created their own take on the genre. The Outer Worlds is scheduled for release this year and serves as a love letter to everything that made the old Fallout entries great. The game […]

Video Game Health Mechanics: Suspending Disbelief

Video game protagonists often have to experience tremendous amounts of physical trauma for our entertainment. In a medium where violence is often the primary tool for player interaction, it is necessary for the player character to be extremely resilient. All video game protagonists have their limits, however, and this is frequently displayed to the Player through the use of health mechanics. Be it the implementation of a health gauge or regenerative healing, these systems allow the player, using suspension of disbelief, to explain how the likes of Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series can survive the onslaught of bullets fired […]