VR’s Place in the Digital Realm – Not a Killer: A Peripheral

It’s safe to say that the hype over VR headsets being the console/handheld/pc/anything killer has finally died. The Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive are still alive and kicking, with both now effectively into their second generation of hardware, but both at a place in the games industry than many would have thought simply impossible merely years ago. Let’s face the music folks, VR a peripheral. Before you scramble to pick up your pitchforks, let us be the first to tell you that we are not utilizing the term “peripheral” in a disparaging fashion. What we mean is that a […]

Can Nintendo’s Budget Labo VR System Prove a Real Contender?

Nintendo Labo was probably an afterthought for most gamers. The system was primarily aimed at younger gamers and initial sales figures weren’t anything to write home about. Nintendo isn’t giving up on their latest peripheral venture just yet though and the upcoming kit could be a gamechanger. Introducing Labo VR which is set to hit shelves this month. Immediately the aesthetic is less pleasing than a lot of the competitors on the market. But considering packs retail for as little as £35, it could yet prove a marketing masterstroke. What is Nintendo Labo? Nintendo Labo is Switch peripheral that comes […]

Will VR Ever Take Off?

Tis the season where tech manufacturers are doing their damnedest to convince us that we NEED their product. This year, like many before, the toughest tech to sell is looking to be VR. VR – or Virtual Reality – has captivated the imaginations of science-fiction fans for countless years on end. The idea of donning goggles, gloves, and a haptic feedback suit is understandably captivating. Anything that can add to our sense of immersion within a virtual world is enough to for us to work fervently on to make into a reality. The only problem is, that reality isn’t here […]

Virtual Reality: Here To Stay?

In 2016, virtual reality saw a large increase of products and users. Since the development of the gaming headset Oculus Rift started three years earlier, the interest for the technology grew rapidly in the entertainment sector. While VR kicked off on the PC with the Rift and HTC Vive, the biggest VR headset for gamers to date is the Playstation VR with over three million sold units. Aside from the high-end headsets, a plethora of cheaper ones have become available for smartphones, making niche technology more accessible to a wider audience. The term “virtual reality” is nothing new. In fact, […]

Times Nintendo Were Ahead of the Curve and Didn’t Even Realise

Nintendo is a company that likes to reinvent the way people think about gaming. Even to this day with their adherence to motion controls and their portable home console – the Switch. The Japanese gaming giants have dedicated themselves to the cause of gaming from their early roots in arcade cabinets and hanafuda cards. With all this pioneering of new technologies, there’s bound to be a few blunders, like the ill-fated Nintendo Gamecube discs. Not all of their commercially unsuccessful products were a bad idea though. Sometimes Nintendo was just trying to showcase technology that the world wasn’t ready for. Consider […]

Social Gaming: The Ties That Keep You Plugged In

To the outsider, the act of spending hours entering inputs into a video game may come across as not only mind-numbing, but possibly sociopathic. All those hours spent isolating ourselves from the world, it’s no wonder that gamers are some of the weirdest and most antisocial folk about – right? Well, it’s an understatement to say that gamers know better. Although we’ve had to endure years of misconceptions regarding our favorite pastimes, our convictions toward the marvel that we see in modern videogames remains steadfast. While the uninitiated will see nothing more than cretins blaring at changing shapes on a […]

The Psychological Effects of Gaming

The past few decades overflow with research regarding the negative psychological effects of computer mediated communication, with little attention paid to its potential benefits to well being. Researchers have been especially keen on examining the possible violent effect certain video games may have on players, creating a strong negative bias in the media when regarding the psychological effects of video games as noted in a 2013 study by Granic and colleagues. However, recent research has sought to examine in what situations and how, not just videogames, but all forms of computer mediated communication can lead to positive consequences. As a […]

The Decline: What Happened To Single Player?

In a world where social gaming is king, the big budget single player experiences are put aside. Two weeks ago, the rumour broke that Treyarch’s upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will not have a single player campaign. If true, this will be the first Call of Duty title in history (if we exclude the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions of Black Ops 3) to only offer multiplayer content. Ahead of the first sneak peek of the game, Treyarch has been hinting at a multiplayer reveal instead of single player, which has not happened in that order before. […]

Walking Simulators: Making Gaming Better

“Walking simulators”, as they’re derogatorily known, occupy a controversial niche in the ecosystem of video games. As that commonly used moniker implies, the genre emphasizes exploration and atmosphere over interactivity. Many gamers don’t consider walking simulators to be video games because of this setup. While walking simulators are far from universally popular, there’s no denying that they’ve made a big change to gaming. In fact, walking simulators have been good even for more “active” genres of video games. The beginnings It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where the genre of walking simulators got its start. A lot of critics and gamers […]

Identity Crisis: What Exactly Is A Gamer Anyway?

When you think of the term gamer, what pops into your head? Is it the hulking, Scottish figure of Gerard Butler ominously looming over you? Butler was the star of the 2009 sci-fi action flick, Gamer. If you’ve never seen it, then let’s sum it up: it’s a film about gaming, seemingly made by people who’ve never played video games before. And of course, it’s utter garbage. But a gamer is not really Gerard Butler. Nor is it any of the other one-dimensional character types that can be found in this sub-standard film. No, a gamer is something else. If […]