WoW Classic: The WoW Killer Has Finally Arrived

Do you hear the drums in the distance? Their beating will only get more frenetic. Oh, wait. Those aren’t war drums. They’re the heartbeat of every player salivating at the prospect of playing a piece of MMO history. WoW Classic is coming, and Blizzard’s mega-hit MMO will never be the same for it. It’s incredibly easy to underestimate what WoW Classic will bring. For those far outside the reaches of the game, it might seem nothing more than a cute trip down memory lane. Hell, it may even seem like a ploy to appease rabid fanbase by others. But while […]

WoW Classic – Is Going Back a Good Idea?

In a short amount of time, the gates of WoW Classic will be thrust upon the world, and we will bear witness to what is likely to simultaneously be one of the most illuminating, captivating, and painful moments ever to be experienced by the WoW Fanbase. Yes, it seems that Blizzard is truly biting the bullet and giving fans what they’ve been asking for: good ol’ vanilla. While we don’t know many of the specifics, the version of the game that Blizzard seem to be pitching is the last patch right before Burning Crusade launched back in the day. This […]