Back 4 Blood: Turtle Rock Studios Are Finally Making Their Own Co-Op Zombie Shooter

Left 4 Dead remains a popular game series despite not seeing an entry since 2009. The first two games launched to critical success and quickly achieved cult status. Now the original developers behind the game are creating their own spiritual successor, Back 4 Blood. We recently looked into the appeal of Left 4 Dead and many failed spiritual successors since whilst looking at promising indie title Pandemic Express. This year also saw another AAA  attempt in World War Z, but that mantle remains untouched. Instead, here we’ll be looking at the story of Turtle Rock Studios and their occasionally strained […]

DOA: Days Gone Is Way Too Late to the Zombie Survival Party

It’s been a strange 2019 for PlayStation following up on a landmark 2018 where they blew the competition away. Two of last years most highly acclaimed games God Of War and Spider-Man were both PS4 exclusives. On top of that, console sales for the PS4 sit a good 20m+ higher than the current gen Xbox and Nintendo sales combined. Albeit the Switch is much earlier into it’s life-cycle than the PS4, there’s no denying PlayStation are ahead of the game. The console wars were seemingly prepped for Sony to stick a fork in, but then it’s all gone a little […]