The Games’ Edge: Taking You Inside The Game 

Taking You Inside the Game.
Bringing gamers and creators together.
Beyond observation and inference with stories straight from the source.

The Games’ Edge goes beyond observation and inference to bring you the real stories from the world of gaming. With a unique focus on the people who make games possible, facilitating a conversation between developers and gamers.

The individuals designing the games know the most about them and are willing to share their knowledge with the gamers who truly care. Our content provides users with true stories, exposes real problems and solutions faced by insiders, and shares valuable knowledge from the big name brands to small-scale developers

Unlike most gaming websites, The Games’ Edge facilitates a conversation between developers and gamers. They make the games you, love/hate, and just can’t beat, and The Games’ Edge gives gamers the opportunity to influence the masterpieces they’ve yet to make.